veriMED Health Group

It's all about the Patient.

Our staff understands that it’s all about the patients and commits to excellence. Our reputation has been achieved through our dedication to the satisfaction of our patients, the quality of our practices, and the efficiency of service. 

veriMED Health Group

Our Offices

Founded in 1999, veriMED Health Group is the one of the largest Primary Care Physician group in Central and West Florida. We specialize in providing care for Family, General, Internal & Geriatric Medicine. The veriMED Health Group Clinic Providers understand the need for consistent care and treat each patient like family. Our compassionate, professional staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of care possible. We provide effective care that is responsive to the needs of the community. Being physician owned means that our doctors are able to focus on the most important thing, YOU!!


veriMED Health Group

Who we are?

One of the leading primary care Physician Groups in Florida, veriMED Health Group set the gold standard in patient care.

What we offer?

veriMED Health Groups programs are designed to maximize patient access to appropriate medical care. The services provided by veriMED include education and assistance in execution of daily operations and hospital and skilled nursing case management.


  • - Family Medicine
    - General Medicine
    - Internal Medicine
    - Geriatric Medicine
    - Primary Care Services
    - Immunizations
    - Diabetic Care
    - Women’s Care Services

    We work hand in hand with your specialists to ensure continuity of care in the following areas:
    - Cardiac Care
    - OB/GYN Services
    - Sleep Disorders
    - Gastroenterology
    - Pain Management
    - Emergency Management
    - Coordinating Surgical Services
    - HOSPICE Care

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